Charity Compassion Coin

Charity Compassion Coin started this Charity Blockchain DAO initiative to better serve direct United Nation humanitarian and relief aid program charitable giving.

Visit the Charity Compassion Coin website at to become involved in more ways for customized philanthropy and charitable giving to a vast network of charity organizations through the Charity Compassion Coin "Global Charity Hub."


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How We're Helping

We are a charity organization focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place.

With the help of blockchain technology we ensure Governments and International powers that be, can recognize the ability of Charity Compassion Coin's ability to seamlessly integrate any size of needed humanitarian aid and relief funds.

These funds and aid are the needed miracles to succeed rebuilding even the most devastating issues at hand in the suffering world and human race globally.

Together we succeed these miracles step by step, moment by moment, until any and all global sufferings are healed and once again safe, back into stability.

Charity Compassion Coin is the tool for these miracles to be answered.

The Ultimate Reward:

“Live Knowing You Have Succeeded The Highest Blessings You Can Gift Into The World.” -Kin Kendall